The Holy Song

I tried to find an answer to my problems
The great lord said to get down on my knees
I spent a month praying in the church house
But the priest said I would need a better plea

I thought I’d try to find a new religion
The music at the church house was a bore
I found a place to listen to the spirit
All night I begged the band to play some more

The drummer knew the beating of a true heart
The stringing of the guitars pulled my chords
The pianist had a way with making music
But the vocals were the thing I hungered for

The vocalist wasn’t there, the players told me
She gave up rock to join a Christian choir
I grabbed the mike and told them play a new song
In this old club we’ll light the holy fire

We played the songs and angels starting singing
The people in the club were finally saved
A man came by and said to me, good brother
I hope you’ll play on heaven’s stage one day

Short and Sweet

I’m not drowning
Don’t cry
It’s all over
Everybody dies
I know you’re lonely
Don’t be
Just remember
All that’s left to see

Don’t feel sad now
It was sweet
All the moments
That you spent with me
I won’t remember
What we didn’t do
I’ll just remember
How much I cared for you

Don’t let it fall
Wipe that tear
I’m just moving on
There’s nothing you should fear
One day you’ll join me
And things will be
Even better
Than they used to be

Go outside now
See the sun
Feel the cool breeze
Give life a run
If you remember
Only one thing
Remember life is short
Make sure that its sweet

Haunted Day Dreams

The skeleton fell from the closet
It crawled into my soul
My back seat driver
My right hand is a vampire
Please help me fire
Help that I never wanted around

There’s a monster in my dreams
A ghost I don’t want to see
I’m being haunted
And I just want to let go
But it won’t leave
It wants to be beside me

Sweet Sorrow

The sweetest sorrow, to learn we were wrong,
It’s the mistake that made us strong
Learning to let go so we can then hold on
It takes strength to admit a need
It’s not only humility that pleads
And now I know I needed you most of all
I thought I was strong to let you go
And now I just want to let you know
That I need you more than air
Your love is more sacred than a prayer
And for as long as you breathe
I’ll never need anything again.


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