Why Smokers Might Be Healthier Than You

Obviously you know that it is important to breathe. I’ve never met anyone determined to quite breathing for a particularly long period of time. But for real health benefits, you need to pay attention to how you breathe. The way you breathe matters. Deep breathing is not only important for oxygenating your cells. Breathing is the best way your body releases toxins.

So how do we need to breathe? First make sure when you take in a breath to use your diaphragm. Let the air expand fully into your lungs. Feel the stomach and middle back filling with air. You can ask any of your friends who sing to help you out. Take slow deep breaths in through your nose, then, hold in the air to let the oxygen get into your system. Finally slowly release the breath through your mouth. Let all the air out. Saying the word “help” at the end of a breath can help to push the air out completely.

There are a lot of breathing ratios out there, and you can pick one that works for you. The one I suggest here, I got from Tony Robbins. His ratio is, breath in for 1, hold for 4, exhale for 2. Or in for 4, hold for 16, out for 8. Start with lower numbers and work your way up when you are more comfortable.

Now why did I say your friends who smoke might be healthier than you? People who smoke take frequent breaks from work to smoke. What does smoking require? Deep breathing. Researchers say that the reason people feel relaxed when smoking is not the cigarette itself, but the deep breathing.

So what am I suggesting? Take breathing breaks! Set alarms on your phone every few hours to remind you to take a short break to walk out of the office and take about 10 deep breaths. It’s good for your mind and your body. And I’ll bet you’ll feel much better when you get back to work.

The Instant Success Pill

The inspiration for this post came from Steve Covey. He’s inspired millions all over the world to become successful, or at least better organized. In a Power Talk interview by another success guru, Tony Robbins, Steve said that we should let go of the idea of quick fixes. That we don’t need to be a success instantly.

So many of us go through life looking for the fast track. We feel if we aren’t a success now, we’ve already failed. There is multi-billion dollar industry selling the fast track to weight loss. Others are looking for the fast track to money. Still others a fast track to happiness and relationship problems.

Eventually what we run into is a big tall wall (often covered in graffiti saying “I told you so”). Some people give up, and some continue (after mending their bruises) to look for that quick fix they hope will solve everything.

However, once we free ourselves from the need for an instant fix to our problem, we can start the process of an effective and life long fix.

The truth is, you can lose weight in 2 weeks. The downside is, it probably won’t be healthy, and it most certainly won’t last without life style changes.

If you make a lot of money very quickly, you probably won’t keep it, because you don’t know how to deal with money. How often to people win the lottery and become broke?

As soon as I let go of the need for a fast track, I felt like I could deal with my problems realistically. Think of all the time wasted searching to find the “right” solution. You don’t need to waste time anymore.

It is time to accept that lasting changes require time. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but it won’t be instant. This realization freed me. Now if I don’t accomplish my goals in a nearly impossible amount of time, I know I’m not a failure. It’s normal.

Don’t waste time looking for the quick fix. Instead invest small amounts of time daily to make a real change and progress toward your goals. Welcome to real success.


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